Build Your Own Burlesque


Join us on for a special one year anniversary of Build-Your-Own Burlesque!

We are bringing back some incredible performers from the past year to help us celebrate the birth of this virtual burlesque production.

And there are sure to be some surprises in store!

Watch the show NOW! With Video On Demand. After checking out you will be emailed the video INSANTLY!!!

Our Performers

Bee Kay Esq.: Venmo- @bumble-bee-kay

Blue Jean: Venmo- @WhatUpShatz

Fannie Sinclair: Venmo- @FSinclair

Katniss Everqueer: Venmo- @kat-redniss

Kinky Slippers: Venmo- @Kinky_Slippers

Kitty KaPowww: Venmo- @kittykapowww

La Petite Mystique: Venmo- @la-petite-mystique

Nirvana Noire: Venmo- @kneeuhhh

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